Crossville Center of Dance

Dance Classes for Adults

Beginning Ballet, Dance Fitness, Stretch Class

​Benefits of Dance:

  • Boosts Memory                                                   - Strengthens you heart
  • Improves Flexibility                                           - Diminishes Depression
  • Reduces Stress                                                    - Improves Balance
  • Increases Energy 

We are working on new adult classes!  Check back soon for a summer schedule beginning in June!

Class Descriptions:

Ballet - Even if you have never pointed your toe, you can get great legs and a toned, well postured body with ballet and dance fitness.  This is a beginner's class so you will learn the basics and continue to build upon those basics as we move through the year. 

4E Fitness - ​ Looking for a different type of fitness class?  This fitness class combines 4 Elements - Cardio, Core on the Floor, Stretching and Toning with Weights.  This class is designed to target the whole body during the class.  Cardio: Short for cardiovascular exercise, is any movement that gets your heart rate up and increases blood circulation throughout the body.  Core on the Floor:  Targets all the muscles in your core region (i.e. abs, and more) with exercises that are different than your typical sit-ups.  Toning with Weights:  using free weights and coordinating body movements to tone arms, core, and legs.  Stretching:  This is a mat portion of the class and is done at the end when the body is at it warmest and oxygen levels the highest.

Floor Barre:  Ballet meets Pilates - Originally designed to help dancers recover from injuries, this is a low impact mat class that anyone can benefit from.  This class focuses on posture, core and strength & flexibility of the joints.  It will engage & strengthen the core while toning the arms, legs, glutes, & back.

Stretch & Yoga:  Stretching, we think of this as something only runners or dancers do.  However it is important for everyone to maintain flexibility and mobility as we age.  Short, tight muscles can result in injuries to our joints and muscles.  This is a calm, gentle stretching class that incorporates yoga poses and more.  This class is done standing and on the mat. 

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