​​Crossville Center of Dance


Our Program was founded in 1998 by then Director Cameron Hill. The purpose of our program is to provide students of all ages the opportunity to experience quality training within a non-competitive environment that is challenging, rewarding, inspiring and embracing an element of fun.
Our studio provides a loving and warm atmosphere in which our students are nurtured and encouraged to grow as dancers, athletes and well-rounded people.  To that end, our staff expresses a genuine interest in our students and demonstrates respect and courtesies toward them.  Hand in hand, our staff expects good and respectful behavior from all who come to our program.

There are three studios in the building: the balcony studio, the main floor studio and the basement studio. Each studio provides a large dance or fitness class area, with a sprung floor in the balcony studio.
There is an area next to each studio for parents to sit and wait.  
Crossville Center of Dance provides an "open door policy" so that classes may be observed from the waiting areas.  
Director Rachel Hawn's office is easily accessible, located on the main floor. Ms. Rachel is available to answer any questions, facilitate your viewing of a class, or give you a tour of the studio building. 

REGISTRATION: A registration form must be signed and a non-refundable fee of $30.00 for one child, and $50.00 for a family (more than one child in the immediate family) is required.

COST:  Please contact the Studio for a detailed information on tuition costs.  


All Ballet Students: Ballet shoes and leotards as required by instructors. Ballet skirts may be worn.  See class descriptions for specific class dress code.
Jazz Students: Leotards or jazz pants and form fitting tops,  convertible tights, split sole jazz shoes.
Tap Students: Leotards, tights, and tap shoes as required by instructors.
Hip-Hop: Dress code is more relaxed; Shoes: Split sole Jazz Shoes or Jazz Sneakers.
Creative Movement Students: pink tights, pink ballet shoes as required by your instructor, and leotard of your choice.
All Students: Must have hair pulled off of face. No jewelry.

(See Instructors for specific questions on attire for each class)

RECITAL: Will be held the beginning of May. The recital requires commitment of parents and students and a strict adherence to all policies and rules concerning rehearsals, class attendance and the recital performance itself. The purchase of a costume for each class is also required. Participation is not mandatory. 

Parents or guardians of students are required to walk their children INTO the studio and pick them up IN the studio once a class is over. STUDENTS ARE NEVER TO ENTER OR EXIT THE BUILDING WITHOUT A PARENT. NO exceptions, NO "dropping off" students at the door. If you are not prepared to follow this rule, then this studio is not for you. Safety for our students is always our primary concern.
Parents are responsible for reading all newsletters and notices posted in the studios. We work diligently to keep parents informed so that students may have the optimum studio experience. We expect cooperation from the parents in this crucial area.
Parents are responsible for payment of classes and notification should their child stop classes. If the director is not notified, payment will still be expected as that place in class has been held for that student.
While in the building, parents are responsible for the behavior of all children with them. Children must be accompanied by and adult AT ALL TIMES! Children and parents must be respectful of the building, the instructors and the class situation by remaining quiet and seated in the waiting areas.

Our year begins the week after Labor Day and concludes with our Spring Recital. We are able to enroll new students throughout the year if space is available. Our yearly schedule follows that of the Cumberland County School holiday schedule only--when the schools have scheduled days off,  then we do not have classes. We do not necessarily follow the school inclement weather schedule.  If classes must be canceled due to bad weather, students may attend their  regular scheduled make up class.  No credits will be issued for canceled classes.    

We also offer a Summer Session.

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